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Most of us rode bikes as kids. Then a lot of us grew up and never ventured forth on 2 wheels again! If that sounds like you, and you would like to have another go at cycling, but maybe lack the confidence to do so, or if you have never ridden an eBike and would like to have a go without worrying about finding your way, then I have a suggestion. Our 'Back Lanes' guided tour is just perfect for your first go on an eBike, or your first go for a while on any sort of bike. The tour takes in some of the cycle routes around Nenagh, and the emphasis is on seeing some of the quieter roads while enjoying the beautiful North Tipperary countryside. The cost is 75 Euros per person, and the tour lasts for 2 hours.


A typical quiet road on our cycle routes

The tour can start from Nenagh Tourist Office, or from your accommodation, and is very much tailored to what you want to do. So if you want to just go a short distance and try out an eBike without breaking the land speed record, we can do that. Or if you're interested to push the boundaries and see how far, or how fast, you can go, then we can also do that! We can of course also do anything in between.

Ballyartella Bridge

A number of people, when booking with us, have said that they wanted to go to a particular place, typically Dromineer or Garrykennedy, but they want to explore the quiet cycle routes to get there. This tour is the perfect way to do that. I can tell you about some of the historical sites along the way, or we can just tootle along and enjoy the views, the choice is entirely yours. And hopefully you might discover one or two places you haven't seen before, but either way we like to think you will enjoy coming along for the ride!

Old Kilbarron
The view from Kilbarron Quay