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Since we started in business back in May, the types of eBike rentals we offer has evolved, so I'd like to go over what we have to offer. Hopefully there will be something to suit everyone in here!

The simplest rental we offer is the basic eBike rental - eBike Rentals - Lough Derg EBike Tours. You can rent a bike for a half day or a full day, or can keep it for multiple days. You can pick up the bike from a number of locations. Our primary locations are the Tourist Office in Nenagh and the Killaloe Hotel and Spa. Please note that we don't have a permanent premises at either location, so pre booking is advised. Generally speaking if you give 1 hour notice, we will accommodate you if not already booked. In addition to this, we can deliver your bike to your accommodation within Nenagh or Killaloe at no extra charge. outside of those locations we would normally be able to deliver within 20kms, although a fee may apply unless you are one of our Accommodation partners (such as Fuchsia Lane Farm) in which case the fee would be waived.


Once you have your eBike, you may already have an idea of where you are going, or wish to just tootle around. But if you are unfamiliar with the area, or wish to explore routes which you may not be aware of, then you can avail of our Self Guided routes - Self Guided Routes - Lough Derg EBike Tours. These routes take in many of the most scenic spots within reach of Nenagh and Killaloe, and are designed to avoid busy roads as much as possible. You can avail of the routes either by using the Komoot app on your own phone or by using a Garmin GPS device which will sit on the handlebars, and which we can provide you with. The routes vary from 20km to 60km, and are graded 'Easy', 'Moderate' or 'Hard' so whatever your levels of ability, there will be a route to suit you.


If you prefer to be shown the sights, and perhaps gain some insights into them, then we can recommend the Guided Tours. Tour Experiences - Lough Derg EBike Tours. There are two types of tour which we offer. Firstly, there is the basic Guided Tour, as described in the link above. This involves the customer choosing a date, time and location which suits, and we will meet up with you and take you on the tour. Tours can start from Nenagh, from Killaloe or from your accommodation, and vary from 2 hours to 4 hours. Tours can be focused on scenery, on hills or on history, whatever is your preference! Tours are fairly flexible. For example, some groups may wish to stop a lot and take in the views and find out information about the local sights and history. Other groups may be more interested in getting some serious mileage in and exploring the routes. Whichever is your preference, we will accommodate. And if you are unfamiliar with the area and can't decide which particular tour to do, don't worry, we can suggest a route if you contact us by phone, based on your interests and your level of cycling experience. Guided Tour groups are limited to 4 people, so you get to have exactly the Tour you want to have.

The second form of Guided Tour is the 'Introduction to eBiking Sessions'. These run during the summer months and are at a specific time and location. These will normally run for 2 hours at most, and are designed to showcase a particular area. These are advertised via Facebook and Instagram, and are on a first come first served basis. We will also contact people who have previously expressed an interest. Recent sessions have gone from Nenagh to Dromineer, and around Garrykennedy. The next Session will be from Killaloe to Scariff.

I hope this has given you a good idea of the services we offer, and hope to see you soon!