Included with every eBike rental:

Safety Overview
Garmin GPS device (with pre-loaded routes)
Safety Helmet
Bike Lock
High Visibility Jacket

Self Guided Routes

Bike Sat Nav scaled

When you rent an eBike from us, you may wish to explore on your own or to follow our recommended self-guided routes.  These routes are provided on a pre-loaded Garmin device that is available at the time of booking. our routes start from either Nenagh or Killaloe.

The recommended routes on this device are are graded as Easy, Moderate or Hard, to suit your interests and abilities.  They have been designed to take in the highlights of the Lough Derg area while avoiding busy roads wherever possible.

EASY routes are designed for customers who have rarely (or not recently) cycled before.

MODERATE routes are for customers with a reasonable level of fitness, and may involve some moderate climbs and/or longer distances.

HARD routes include serious climbs and/or long distances, and are only for those who are accustomed to cycling. Please note that on some HARD routes, the downhills are as challenging as the uphills and require skill in braking, so should NOT be undertaken by an inexperienced cyclist.

The minimum distance for our routes is 24km, which may seem long if you have not been biking recently, however rest assured the eBike will help you greatly!  Also, you can return to your starting point at any stage during your eBike ride.

See below for places to visit, and our favourite routes that have been programmed into your Garmin GPS device, available for use during your eBike hire.



Nenagh Castle by Discover Lough Derg

Routes From Nenagh

Nenagh Map

Nenagh is surrounded by beautiful countryside, and has easy access to the Lough Derg Shore. Self Guided routes typically start from the Nenagh Tourist Office, and explore the Nenagh cycle hub routes, taking in Lake Shores, historic sites and mountains.

Click below to check out our suggested Easy, Moderate and Hard routes.

Killaloe 22-6-23 (11)-fotor-20230802153634

Routes From Killaloe

Killaloe Map

Killaloe is a beautiful historic town on the western bank of the River Shannon. Self Guided routes typically start from Killaloe Hotel and Spa, and explore both sides of Lough Derg as well as the River Shannon.

Click below to check out our suggested Easy, and Moderate routes.