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When people come to visit the Nenagh area, they tend to be drawn to the Lough Derg shore, and why not – with beautiful spots like Dromineer and Garrykennedy to visit, the Lough has a lot to offer! But at Lough Derg eBike Tours, we like to take the road less travelled, and one of our favourite spots to visit is the Silvermines range. If you’ve driven down the M7 to or from Limerick, you probably noticed Silvermines Ridge and Keeper Hill looming down imposingly. But there is so much more to the Silvermines range, and so I set out to explore.


Silvermines Range
The view of Keeper Hill and Silvermines Ridge from the motorway.

I devised a route which basically takes the cyclist on a big loop of Silvermines Ridge. We start in Silvermines village, then head south west along a quiet R- road, before heading uphill.

Photo by Discover Lough Derg
Silvermines Village

There is a 3km climb to take you up to the valley between Silvermines Ridge and Keeper Hill. That sounds like a lot, but with your high quality eBike it shouldn’t take too much out of you! Then we head down into the valley, which is absolutely stunning. A quiet road follows the path of the River Mulkier and past the lower reaches of Knockanroe forest, before crossing the river and heading uphill once more. This stretch is the steepest on the course, but it’s well worth it for the stunning views at the top.

Pausing for a break after a steep climb!

After the big climb, it’s mostly downhill all the way, as we begin the long descent into Dolla and back into Silvermines. As you head downhill you will really get a feel for what the eBikes are capable of, and the main challenge is to keep the braking steady and easy, and enjoy the views!

And finally, here is the map of the route. If you fancy giving it a go, give us a call at 087 4593141 or book directly! I can either go with you, or you can explore the route for yourself with the help of a Garmin device – half day hire recommended. Happy exploring!