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During the quiet season, we have been putting a lot of thoughts into what we can do with Lough Derg eBike Tours in the future. This article discusses some of our plans. Some of these are definitely going to happen, others are very much at the pipe-dream stage, but either way we look forward to seeing what develops!


New Equipment

In our first year of trading, we started small. This year it is hoped to expand the fleet somewhat, with more of our fantastic Trek bikes. In addition, ideas for further expansion would include getting a trailer which a young child can ride in, or getting a tandem. A trailer would allow people with young children to participate. A tandem would be great fun (as demonstrated by the Goodies, below), and particularly useful in situations where one person was less fit than the other.

But one thing which particularly appeals about a tandem is its usefulness in making cycling accessible to the visually impaired. There is a cycling club in Galway which pairs up visually impaired cyclists with ‘pilots’, thus enabling the visually impaired to get out and enjoy the ride. We would love to be in a position to offer this service.


New routes

During 2023, we started operating in the Nenagh area and gradually evolved towards offering rentals and tours from Killaloe as well. During 2024 the aim is to continue to find new routes and to tweak the existing routes. Particular areas for expansion include the hilly areas around Silvermines and to the west of Killaloe.


New experiences

Towards the end of the 2023 season we began to develop Group Cycles, where a group of up to 6 people go out and discover one of our routes. These proved to be popular, and are something we will be developing further during 2024. So far we have 4 of the cycles scheduled for March and April, around Garrykennedy and Silvermines. They are a great way to explore the area and maybe see the views from a new angle. Group cycles are tailored to the group’s ability, in terms of the speed of cycling and the distance travelled, so come on down and join us! Click for more details


We are currently in talks with a Kayak tour operator with a view to setting up a ‘kayak and bike’ experience. More details to follow!

In the longer term, we hope to be able to offer the option of taking a boat to another spot on the Lough and cycle back. An example would be that a group would set out from Killaloe by boat, land at Garrykennedy and cycle back to Killaloe. We have experienced this kind of service in England’s Lake District and would love to bring something similar to Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands.


Accommodation Partnerships

We have been developing relationships with various accommodation providers in the area, and will continue to do so. When you stay with one of our accommodation partners, we will deliver bikes to you for either a guided tour, or a rental where you can explore under your own steam. We also offer a discount on guided tours. For details of our accommodation providers and the tours offered, visit Places to Stay and eBike.


Lap The Lake

And finally, we are looking for two volunteers to participate in the RNLI’s ‘Lap the Lake’ challenge in May. We would provide the eBikes, free of charge, and meet you at the halfway point for a swap of batteries. That way, you can be sure of having enough juice to get you round the lake, provided your legs are able for it.. Lap The Lake Link


We look forward to seeing what the future brings. Things may turn out different than we expect, but it’ll be fun seeing what happens!