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One sunny Saturday in September, a group of 5 set out from Nenagh tourist office to explore the Lake Shores. This was one of our ‘Group Cycle’ events which we will continue to offer whenever weather allows through the autumn (and winter) months.



The group getting ready to leave


The group included regular cyclists as well as some who had not cycled for a while, so a route was chosen which was scenic, didn’t involve any major climbs and would be managable for most levels of ability.

First we set off down the back lanes to Knigh Cross. This is a very historic spot, featuring a 15th Century tower and the ruins of a 15th Century Church. Both the tower and the church have interesting histories. For example, the church includes a gravestone which features the unique inscription ‘Here Lyeth The Body of Calib Minnit Who Was Barbarously Murdered by…’ then proceeds to name his killers. An example of a powerful family who did not feel that justice had been done to their deceased relative.

Knigh Cross
Knigh Cross Church

Leaving Knigh Cross behind, we headed through North Tipperary’s rural lanes until we started to head downhill towards our first visit to the Lough Derg shore, at Cleary’s Quay. Here we paused to enjoy the silence and soak up the beautiful lake views.

The Lough Derg Shore at Cleary’s Quay


We then continued along the shore for a few kilometers, passing the Lakeside Sauna at Kilbarron Quay, before heading inland, passing through picturesque Puckane. Then onto more back roads as we headed back to the shore at Dromineer. Here we paused for another break, with one group member talking of staying there for the rest of the day.



After Dromineer we headed back to Nenagh down more quiet country lanes, soaking up the scenery and reflecting on the day’s events!

The Route Map

Keep a lookout for further group cycles. They will be advertised around a week in advance on Facebook. A great way to get out and enjoy the countryside while finding new places and enjoying the easy cycling on an eBike.

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