History and Hills! Be guided to picturesque Silvermines, taking in some great views, well worth the serious climb

This self-guided route takes you up the Silvermines Hill, and on to the picturesque town of Silvermines, at the base of the Silvermines range.

You will see some great views, but because this route involves a relatively serious climb up the hill, it is recommended for moderately fit cyclists who are accustomed to hills. (The uphill/downhill section lasts for 4km could be walked if you are not confident in your ascending/descending skills).

Garmin Route - "Hard 4 - Silvermines"

Distance - 35km (21 miles)

Cycling Time - 3-4 hours

Ride Type - suitable for the moderately fit cyclist accustomed to hills.

About the Silvermines Route

The route starts in Nenagh, and takes you via quiet back roads.

You will be treated to a spectacular valley between Silvermines and Keeper Hill, before ascending a portion of Silvermines Hill.

On your descent you will go through the historic and picturesque town of Silvermines, before returning to Nenagh on a further series of quiet back roads.

Pit Stops

First Stop - Nenagh Tourist Office

The route starts at the Nenagh Tourist Office situated in the centre of Nenagh, a historic market town dating back to the 12th Century. The first part of the route takes you through quiet country roads to the valley between Silvermines and Keeper Hills. There is a moderate climb into the valley, followed by a serious climb from the 20km mark.

Garmin Route - "Hard 4 - Silvermines"


From 20km onwards, you will begin a steep climb up Silvermines Hill.  Your eBike motor will help you, but it is very steep in places, so if you are not confident in your hill climbing abilities why not dismount and push your eBike!

At the top of the hill, you will see Knockanroe Forest Park to your left, which is a beautiful spot for a walk.

After the Forest Park, there is a steep descent into Silvermines town. Slow and steady braking is required! Again, if you are not a confident cyclist, we would recommend dismounting and walking this stretch, which lasts for 2km.

Garmin Route - "Hard 4 - Silvermines"

Silvermines Village

Arriving in Silvermines, you will find yourself in a large square at the top end of the main street, with a church and a spectacular view of Silvermines hill to your right.

Silvermines got its name from actual silver mines which were in the area for several centuries, and as recently as the 1980s, there was a lead and zinc mine in the area.

Continuing on the route, you will head back to Nenagh via a further series of quiet back roads. Look out for the 12th century Abbey as you near your destination.


Garmin Route - "Hard 4 - Silvermines"