A great way to see the Shannon with highlights in Limerick, Clare and Tipperary!

Takes in great views of the Arra mountain range and the East Clare hills with this self-guided route, along with fantastic lake views and the engineering feats of Parteen Weir.

Garmin Route - "Easy 5 - Ballina OBriens"

Distance - 34km (21 miles)

Cycling Time - 2-3 hours

Ride Type - no major climbs, a perfect ride for a relatively inexperienced cyclist.

About the Loop

This route starts in Ballina which is approximately 17km from Nenagh (you can pick up your eBike for free from the Nenagh Tourist Office, or alternatively have your eBike delivered to Ballina for a fee, just let us know at the time of booking).

The route takes you from Ballina to Birdhill, and then on to your first Shannon crossing at O’Brien’s Bridge.  From here, you will take a short diversion towards Parteen Weir, and finally return to Killaloe via quiet hill roads, before crossing the bridge back into Ballina.

Pit Stops

First Stop - Ballina, Co. Tipperary

The tour starts in Ballina which is a bustling town that lies on eastern bank of the River Shannon, at the southern end of Lough Derg, and offers great views, places of historic interest, places to stay and great coffee shops and eateries.

Garmin Route - "Easy 5 - Ballina OBriens"

Birdhill, Co. Tipperary

15 kilometers later after proceeding via quiet back roads and a dedicated cycle lane you will arrive at Birdhill.  This is an award winning village and a great place to explore as it has a beautiful park, a 'Literary Trail', a fantastic coffee house where they roast their own beans and a great restaurant!

Garmin Route - "Easy 5 - Ballina OBriens"

O'Briens Bridge, Co. Limerick

Moving onwards you will now head towards the Limerick border where you will cross a very old railway crossing and see great views of the Limerick countryside, soon crossing over the river Shannon into O'Briens Bridge.  This is a scenic village with great views of the river.  After taking the time to enjoy the great views of the river you shall then take a 2km diversion towards the amazing Parteen Weir.

Garmin Route - "Easy 5 - Ballina OBriens"

Parteen Weir, Co. Limerick

Parteen Weir is a large dam, which splits the River Shannon in two.  To our right, the river flows downstream.  To our left, water is chanelled into a canal which ultimately feeds into the Ardnacrusha power station.  The views are spectacular for the engineer and non-engineer alike!

Garmin Route - "Easy 5 - Ballina OBriens"

Last Stop - Killaloe, Co. Clare

Leaving O'Briens Bridge you will proceed into County Clare.  For the remaining 8k, you will take quiet hill roads in the Slieve Bearnagh range towards Killaloe.  The climbs are gentle on these roads and your eBike will make it easy!  Finally descending into Killaloe, the medieval town which was once capital of Ireland and home of the famous High King Brian Boru, before crossing the bridge back to your starting point, Ballina.

Garmin Route - "Easy 5 - Ballina OBriens"