Get to know Lough Derg your way, with a guided tour, tailored to your interests and ability.

We take all of these into account:

Fitness level

Desired length of tour

Food break (not included in price)

Your cycling experience

We consider what would you like to see:

Lake shores



Being in nature (hills, woodland)

Lough Derg Villages

Sample Guided Tours Highlights

Below are what you can expect to see when on a guided tour of Lough Derg, click here to see a full sample tour including points of interest and pricing.

Historic Buildings - Churches and Castles

Lough Derg is laden with amazingly old buildings that are steeped in the history of Kings, Normans, Vikings and Monks.

Why not take a tour to discover old churches, castles and graveyards?  Perhaps you will find some of your ancestors on your travels?

Amazing Scenery - Lake Shores, Countryside and Hills

As well as the beautiful shores of Lough Derg, you can also take in a tour which heads into the higher ground in the beautiful Arra Mountain Range, or the majestic Silvermines. Or you can enjoy the peaceful North Tipperary countryside.


In the countryside of North Tipperary, you can enjoy lake shores, farmland, forests and hillsides.

Picturesque Towns & Villages

Many of the tour routes will take you through the characterful towns of Nenagh, Silvermines, Ballina, Killaloe and O'Brien's Bridge, or the pretty villages from Terryglass and Puckaun to Dromineer and Garrykennedy.

A Feat of Engineering

Between Killaloe and O'Brien's bridge is the dramatic structure of Parteen Weir, which not only divides the Shannon River in two, but at one time was capable of producing enough electrical power for the entire country.

Guided Tour Pricing

Pricing depends on length of the guided tour, distance covered and the number of participants

Pricing ranges from:

€150 for a 2-person tour (2 hours) to €400 for a 4-person (4 hours).

Click here to see a sample tour itinerary, including points of interest and pricing.