Visit Lough Derg's northeastern shore in County Tipperary - taking in history, fantastic lake views & scenic villages

This is the longest of the self-guided routes. Because of its distance, it is rated 'Hard'.  There are no major climbs, at least nothing that your eBike motor can't handle!  Take the quiet backroads from Nenagh to Terryglass and back, via historic sites, the lake shore and pretty villages. The route can safely be described as 'The best of North Tipperary!'

Garmin Route - "Hard 1 - Dromineer Terryglass"

Distance - 65km (41 miles)

Cycling Time - 4 hours (approximately)

Ride Type - only recommended for people accustomed to cycling long distances but no major climbs!

About the Loop

Pit Stops

First Stop - Nenagh Tourist Office

The tour starts in Nenagh, which is a historic market town, founded back in the 12th Century.

Garmin Route - "Hard 1 - Dromineer Terryglass"

Knigh Cross

From Nenagh, we proceed via backroads through farmland to Knigh Cross. This is a crossroads on the Nenagh to Puckaun Road, and is a very historic site.

To your left you will see the tower from a 12th Century castle, built by the O'Kennedy family. To your right, you will see a ruined Church. The tower is on private land so can only be viewed from the road, but you may wander round the church if you wish.


Garmin Route - "Hard 1 - Dromineer Terryglass"


For the next 10km or so, we pass through peaceful countryside along quiet back roads, passing through Kilbarron village on the way.

After Kilbarron, the next village is Ballinderry, which features a historic 4-arch bridge over the river Ballinfoy, along with several heritage buildings and Elsie Hogan's pub, where you can get a drink and/or a very hearty meal!

Garmin Route - "Hard 1 - Dromineer Terryglass"


A fairly short distance after Ballinderry, we arrive at Terryglass, which is our last port of call before heading back south along the lake.

Terryglass is a picturesque village which dates back to the 6th century, originating as a monastic settlement. The Abbey is long gone, but there remains a wall from it at the church. There are also two holy wells in Terryglass, one of which is said to cure blindness and the other of which is said to cure headaches.

There are also two pubs serving food and drinks.

The route takes us down to the quay at Terryglass where you can pause to admire the view or to watch the pleasure cruisers coming and going.

Garmin Route - "Hard 1 - Dromineer Terryglass"

The Mouse House

Leaving Terryglass behind, we follow a quiet road back towards Ballinderry. We cross the river Ballinfoy at the Mouse House toll bridge. This was built in 1776, and still features the toll house. It is said to be one of the oldest toll bridges in Ireland.

Garmin Route - "Hard 1 - Dromineer Terryglass"

Old Kilbarron

We follow the main road from Ballinderry to Coolbaun for the next few Kilometers, and then turn off to the right, and head down for our second visit to the Lake shore.

As we head downhill, we pass the ruins of the 12th century Kilbarron Abbey. You can wander around the Abbey, which was built on the site of a much older abbey, built by St Barron, who it is believed may have visited North America even before St Brendan, in the 6th Century.

Continuing along the road, we next come to Kilbarron Quay, where there are a number of great spots for pausing and admiring the lake views. At the parking area you can even go for a swim if you are brave enough.

Finally on this stretch, we head through woodland and emerge at Luska, where we turn left. If you look up to your left, you will see the 16th Century Annagh Castle. This is on private land so can only be viewed from the road, but perhaps this is just as well, as it is said to be guarded by the ghost of a former owner who doesn't want anyone taking his buried treasure.

Garmin Route - "Hard 1 - Dromineer Terryglass"


After another 5km, we arrive in Puckaun. This is an unspoilt village, featuring many thatched cottages.

Garmin Route - "Hard 1 - Dromineer Terryglass"


From Puckaun, it is another 5km to Dromineer.

Dromineer is dominated by the harbour, which is a key stopping spot for pleasure cruisers.

It is also home to the Lough Derg Yacht club, which was founded in 1835, making it one of the oldest in the world. The Club also houses the RNLI base for Lough Derg.

Also on the Lake shore is the 13th Century Dromineer castle, and the grain store which dates back to the times before good quality roads were developed, when the Shannon was a key trading route.

Away from the shore is the ruin of a church which dates back possibly as far as the 9th century, and certainly back to the 11th century.

At Dromineer, you can enjoy a coffee at Lough Derg House, or go for a meal at the Whisky Still pub.

We return to Nenagh via scenic back roads.

Garmin Route - "Hard 1 - Dromineer Terryglass"