Visit historic Killaloe in County Clare, via the Arra mountain range above the Lough Derg shore

This self-guided route begins at the Nenagh Tourist Office, taking you up to the Graves of the Leinstermen site, high in the Arra mountain range, before descending to Ballina and across the river to historic Killaloe.  Returning to Nenagh through the foothills of the Arra range, featuring great views of the Silvermines along the way.

Garmin Route - "Hard 5 - Ballina-Killaloe"

Distance - 48km (29 miles)

Cycling Time - 2-3 hours 

Ride Type - only for experienced cyclists.  Big climb up and back down.  You will need to be very accustomed to braking skillfully on steep hills!

About the Loop

Pit Stops

First stop - Nenagh Tourist Office

The route begins at the Tourist Office in Nenagh, which is a historic market town, founded back in the 12th Century.

Garmin Route - "Hard 5 - Ballina-Killaloe"

Millenium Cross & The Graves of the Leinstermen

Within a short distance you will be eBiking through the rolling countryside of North Tipperary.

After around 18 kilometers, there is a steep climb. As the road levels out, you will see a footpath to your right, which takes you on an approximately 1km walk (each way) to the Millenium Cross, from which you can see some of the best views of the lake.

Continuing along the road for a short distance, there is a parking area, and another footpath off to your left.  This takes you to the Graves of the Leinstermen site, and on to the top of Tountinna.

The Graves of the Leinstermen are very close to the road, and are a collection of standing stones which are said to be related to a legend of Brian Boru, the famous High King of Ireland who put a stop to the Viking expansion in Ireland.

Whether you visit the Millenium Cross or the Graves, the views down to the Lough are magnificent from this stretch of road.

Garmin Route - "Hard 5 - Ballina-Killaloe"

Ballina, Co. Tipperary

The route continues downhill into Ballina which is a bustling town that lies on the eastern bank of the River Shannon, at the southern end of Lough Derg, and offers great views, places of historic interest, places to stay and great coffee shops and eateries.

Garmin Route - "Hard 5 - Ballina-Killaloe"

Killaloe, Co. Clare

Across the historic bridge from Ballina you proceed into County Clare.  Because the bridge can be extremely busy, it is recommended to walk across unless it is traffic free.

Killaloe is a medieval town which was once capital of Ireland and home of the famous High King Brian Boru. There are many places to get a coffee or a spot of lunch before heading back across the river to continue the tour.

Garmin Route - "Hard 5 - Ballina-Killaloe"

Last Stop - Nenagh, Co Tipperary

The final 20km of the route takes you along quiet back roads through the foothills of the Arra mountain range, and on to farmlands.  As you head north, the Silvermines range can be seen to the east, before finally you head back to your starting place in Nenagh.

Garmin Route - "Hard 5 - Ballina-Killaloe"